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Vibration is the foundation of life as we know it. Music is the art form of vibration. Patterns , rhythms and tones form melodies and beats. Very few forms capture the divine act of Human creation as well as music does. It is divine creation before our very eyes and is sacred. We are the keepers, the protectors, the purveyors, and the stewards of the musical vibration art form. We share a common love for music. To us it punctuates the story of our lives and enriches our experience. We would be less alive without it. We recognize this in one another and a fellow music lover instantly becomes a brother or sister. Just like seeing an old friend we smile, and joke, share stories and ideas and together we raise the vibration. Together we are a tribe. HiFi Tribe. Within our tribe there is respect, compassion, honesty, Integrity, and selflessness. We follow these principles in everything we do. To act any other way we would be incomplete. I founded HiFi Tribe as a way to join our energies and create a life experience for all of us that firmly roots our principles in the HiFi Industry. We stand to make our industry ideal by abolishing dishonesty and manipulation within it.


Meet Mike Powell

My part of the story is to use my talent at matching components and creating complete Bona Fide HiFi systems at any budget level $5K and above. In addition I have chosen to design create and sell the first most important part of every Audio System, the Cables. Without good cables, one has a poor representation of quality HiFi. Anyone that communicates with me is offered the choice to leverage my ability to thier best use. Including me in your HiFi system decisions will make your music experience more fulfilling. I give you this promise. I am bestowed with an above average passion for creating high level audio systems. Even at only $5K for the whole rig , ready to play. It fulfills my lifes purpose which is to improve the experience in other peoples lives. This in turn makes the world a better place and my mission is complete. The very thing I am passionate about the most makes the world a better place. This means I have nowhere to go I am already here.

Expect your Mike Powell audio system to have a soul. They are very much alive and will respond to any and all of your input. The more good intent you show your HiFi rig, the more it will give back .

So why me ? Because I truly care about your HiFi experience at your home or place of listening. I build or tune up your Audio Rig as if it were my own. Your happiness and joy are the root of my payback. I thrive for this, and it is achieved. We all know the age old “HiFi Salesman” scenario. I stand to abolish it. With me its like buying from an old friend that you trust implicitly. You will recognize my familiarity when you first meet me. There are no awkward moments.

Lets talk business

Everything I sell comes with warranty against defect. Everything I design comes with a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee. To be more specific, anything you buy from me that my company makes has a money back guarantee. Anything that I sell that is designed by another person or company has a full return policy for store credit towards anything else I carry.

I am available to do as little or as much as you like. Meaning I can take on your challenging audio system and overcome its issues no matter what. You can give me a complete budget and trust me to make every decision regarding the system with a guaranteed outcome. Or you can simply purchase a product from the website..

Some extra services I provide.

Remote access for Music server setup. Its as easy as letting me log on to your desktop from my office and you can sit back while I manage  the server and network settings. 

Ripping service for those that have not yet ripped their CD collection. This is a very painstaking process if you have not tried it yet. if you have over 50 CD's. We include 100 free rips with any server purchase with a 1TB SSD or higher, then .50c each CD afterward. In other words , we can sell you a music server already loaded with your whole CD collection when you receive it.

Remote room tuning. I send you a microphone and laptop, you set it up and I can read your room and make suggestions and offer solutions.

Component modification. I am a modification technician and can improve the sound of most any component. I do not take repair jobs, unless its a brand I cover.

Custom products. if you have a special project that requires equipment not made or custom colors or look, I am able to make nearly anything happen when I include all my professional contacts.