Hello Audiophiles and music lovers ! Welcome to a very down to earth, honest, willing to teach high end audio website built and founded by myself , Mike Powell. Come here repeatedly to learn about some of the best audio products on the globe, and how to set a proper 2 channel system up. I also do online comparisons and reviews and teach you how to make things on my personal YouTube Channel "OCD HiFi Guy" Go There Now.   To start I'm very passionate about music. To me along with the the sound comes something deeper.  I am very aware of small things, subtle things... details. So when I listen or compare, I analyze critically and look for the gems of genius design.  I have an audio manufacturing background, so I know how to chose gear that is built well. When I inspect a piece many parts of it speak to me. Therefore I only associate myself with above average products. I feel our listening time is precious, so I accept no half measures and neither should you. This does not mean uber expensive. Im talking about integrity of design. First I check out each piece to hear whether or not the sonic is emotionally involving. Next there must be value. Even the expensive gear I offer is worth the money in my opinion.   When you buy from me I am available as your personal Hi Fi Expert if you like. You may go ahead and relax while I spend each day in the listening room trying every imaginable configuration or Tweak or brand in order to offer you the best I can find. If the products survive the gauntlet, I will give my stamp of approval and promote the product by displaying it  on the "BUY" page or letting you know where to buy it. I recommend the best value even if its something I don't sell. I exhibit at most audio shows, and offer the only "no give up guarantee I am aware of in this industry. That means if you are truly committed to greatness in your audio rig, I will commit to your rig as well. I can make your system sound like 3 dimensional magic if you let me. I will never give up on your system until we have conquered it and at that point its your choice to keep going or stop, but it will be at 100%, your audio listening environment will be sublime. Ive done it hundreds of times. This is My purpose. I believe a good audio system increases ones experience of life in a good way. It lowers stress, helps us meditate and become more introspective and allows us to come back to ourselves. I help create one of the environments that heal and strengthen us . So I take great pride in providing results. In fact I must. Your listening experience is important to me We can go from simply nudging up an already sorted rig, or we can start from ground zero.

I am a 2 channel high end audio guy with an above average attention to detail. I require high quality and performance. Not only do I design, manufacture and sell but I also repair and modify/upgrade gear and finally I am a system design integrator and consultant. Integrity and honesty are the cornerstone of my character.