Welcome to my Audio Consultation site.  I have created this site to allow you to learn more about some of the best audio products on the globe, and how to set a proper 2 channel system up. I also do online comparisons and reviews in the Blog section.  Clearly by now you've figured out I'm passionate about music. It goes much farther than sound but we can cover that later.  I am also very aware of the small things... details. So when I listen or compare, I analyze and look for shortcomings. I weed out the average products. Our listening time is precious, so I accept no half measures for the recommendations. This does not mean expensive. Im talking about integrity of design. This includes the results of the design and whether or not it is emotionally moving in some way, as well as worth the money.  My service to you is to act as your agent so you may relax while I spend each day in the listening room trying every imaginable configuration or Tweak or brand. If they survive the gauntlet, I will offer my stamp of approval and promote the product by displaying it  on the "BUY" page or letting you know where to buy it. I recommend the best value even if its something we don't sell. I exhibit at most audio shows, and offer a no risk, in-home demo program. you get to listen in your own home before deciding, and if you decide to send back, there are no restocking fees ever

Come check out Mike Powell Audio and stay a while.