Denafrips Terminator R2R DAC

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denafrips termi.jpg

Denafrips Terminator R2R DAC


Denafrips Terminator is the DAC of the decade. what I mean is there has never ever been such a high quality DAC sold for under $5K. You will not believe your ears.

Power Cable:
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Power cable is not shipped with this piece as its simply too important to have something other than the stock cable. Therefore we offer the Verastarr Nemesis and Grand Illusion Power cable in 5 foot.

Nemesis is a 10AWG audio Grade power cable far ahead of most. Using silver plated copper , cryo treated wire with low loss dielectric Only $298

Grand Illusion is an all foil power cable using the Trademark Verastarr AudioFoils instead of wire. The improvement between this and nemesis is not small.. a true breakthrough cable, only $798

also Vibration isolation is of utmost importance for any DAC. We offer Verastarr Veramids, which are pyramids made from a rare earth element that absorbs EMF and is hard enough to pull vibration out of the dac and into the polymer footer squares, wwhere the vibration is converted to heat.. 3 pc set only $140