Heres where I break it down into truth.

OK, so Im not sure how this will end up formatted but this is where I will put words of wisdom or things Ive learned. The ones that are important that we all hear a million times and never take seriously, I will embellish those with words that come to mind and I just may not filter them. Perhaps this can pierce through your waking state to rattle you and make the point  Sorry if it comes across as offensive or arrogant, Its just I need to make a point. Id rather communicate than appease.

 Heres the deal. You just may have been taught that bad sounding audio is good. I see it all the time. Big expensive name brand rigs that sound horrible. But people do not know any better so they just assume its great.   You THINK youve got great sound but youve not heard World Class, so you have no reference.  Its OK, if you are happy here, stay put.  I was there just like you at one point. Over time, piece by piece I got to where I am now. I did not say Expensive.. I said World Class.  

Let me stop here and say something. to go all the way is not necessary for you to enjoy music. If you have simple desires with your audio rig,  thats great. you do not need World Class and I do not recommend trying to find it because for the simple happy guy, it brings misery.  Weirdos like me LOVE to stay inside tinkering around with stuff in the audio room. The way an audio system works to us is philosophical. It Couldnt be more serious or heavy.  If I start my sentence with "in my audio rig I recently noticed"  I can then follow up with some seriously nutty shit and another audiophile will be hanging on every word preparing to offer suggestions. So first you need to identify where you place on the OCD HiFi scale, and stand your ground. It is easy to speak to someone like me and catch my enthusiasm. Next thing you know you are WAAYY deeper than you wanted to go, and you are considering spending inordinate amounts of cash on a stereo set and you kind of want to poo all of a sudden because your stomach horts..  LOOK This is a FUN  thing to do, and if you are at all stressed, stand back and get your bearings. Its a sign you need to back up a bit. Slow your roll down the rabbithole.

Now guys like me.. few and far between.  I am a truly passionate audiophile so I'm a fellow weirdo and we can relate as buddies. I am an industry designer and seller, so Im your dealer who will sell you whatever is needed for your rig, and I'm a professional HiFi consultant, so Im sort of Yoda to most and the way I work best is a client trusts me off the cuff, and lets me make the decisions based in my inquiry into how they listen etc. . You stand back and watch the professional  turn your listening space into what your fantasy was. I can do it for any budget in any room.

 I do not simply show up to work in order to push merch like some of these sellers that dont honestly give a hoot what your room sounds like or if they affect change the way you want.  They will sell you something new every week if you let them and every week whatever they are pushing is "the best".  These guys flood the market with misinformation . The idea is to keep you confused and uninformed so you need to rely on what we are saying and it makes hustling that much easier.  I have earned my reputation by building rigs as well as creating products somehow missed by the industry.

So again, Be aware that there is an honest to goodness neuroses associated with the HiFi rig and how to make it better.  I do not believe in perpetuating neuroses, I believe in providing relief and solace.. serenity.  So Ill tell you the truth as I know it. Whether or not it makes me a sale.

Setting up "Base Camp" otherwise known as "Stage Zero" Let me preface this by saying if you share a living room with the rest of the family and your rig is there where you must respect decor and so forth, you can only take this so far. A world class rig needs its own room or area. Not to say you cant have a nice rig in the family room, but for a magic listening system, its an area where you have complete control.

  • Isolated AC Power, run a discreet circuit for the rig only. This means one 20A breaker in the panel for your rig

  • Dedicated earth Ground - sort the grounding, find the house ground and max it out. You should have at the very least , 2 8 foot ground rods 8 feet apart both wired to the same terminal at the house.

  • Corner bass traps and first reflection panels

to be contd