Theres more to music

Music is a spiritual passage for me.  My drive to learn  (so I may provide better service to my clients) has led me across the globe in search of knowledge of the Audio industry as well as how exactly these pieces of technology bring life into a vacant room. How is it I can feel a person that is not there and whom I have never met ? I believe there is a lot more to Music than just sound. Many of you have felt that there was something more going on when you were fortunate enough to sit in a room with a true world class rig.  Well I have spent a lot of time and effort to learn how to recreate a world class rig for each of my clients even if the whole thing is only $5K.  I also sell my favorite audio brands or models, so you may decide to choose the parts yourself. Traditionally when someone comes to me for an audio rig, I will ask questions to determine favored music , listening style, budget etc, then I pick all the parts of that rig. Its the only way I can guarantee results, suggestions are welcome however.     Together we raise the vibration. We create yet another system with  the very elusive "it" factor.  A group of electronic components that somehow seem to unify into a soul. One that responds and gives back to us. My purpose is to continue creating these amazing audio systems so more of us may enjoy our experience on earth at a higher level.

Why Mike Powell as your personal Hi Fi Professional ?

I answer the phone from 10AM to 10PM 7 days a week . Ummm, yeah, this is when most people listen, therefore I am always available to help or assist. When you buy from me, your rig is always working well. If it goes down for some reason, my response is immediate and efficient. Warranty issues, though few and far between are picked up at your home.  No carrying boxes anywhere. 

Industry exclusive "never give up" satisfaction guarantee. When we work together we both make a commitment to reach the goal we set out to accomplish. This means I will never simply refund your money and wash my hands of you , leaving you where you started. This happens too much. Sellers don't care about the result of their sale. Well I do. This means if my recommendation for some reason does not hit the mark the first time, based on the information you provide afterward, I will have the piece in question brought back here while I send you something else that will be the proper fit. In the end all you want is a beautiful sounding rig that does it for you. I commit to get you there, rather than just sell parts and hope you figure out what took me 30 years to develop.

Remote access for server setup. Its as easy as letting me log on to your desktop from my office and you can sit back while I manage  the server and network settings. 

Ripping service for those that have not yet ripped their CD collection. This is very painstaking if you have over 50 CD's. We include 100 free rips with any server purchase with a 1TB SSD or higher, then .50c each CD afterward. In other words , we can sell you a music server already loaded with your whole CD collection when it arrives.

Some of the things that make my expertise more comprehensive than the standard dealer at the audio store are 15 years of experience in Audio Manufacturing, which makes me adept at picking well made product.

I am actually an avid audiophile at the outer edge of "tweaky" which means nothing goes unnoticed and I will pay attention to areas of the rig others would ignore. So "no stone unturned" you rig gets sorted to a very complete level of tune.